Forging Stories

Wayfinding Through Time

How do we process the journey through time and space? One way is to use markers of the Earth’s rotation and connect those to celebrations. Something humans have been doing through the ages.

Brendan Hardy


This psychedelic romp is a quintessential song for me. It is playful and funky and stems from my high school daze. The poem, Journey, was destined to be a song. It won me a scholarship to a writers conference at Western Washington University in the mid-80s.

Forging Stories Arrow


Arrow evolved over time. First penned decades ago. The band brushed off the cobwebs and re-worked it for the album.

The Climb

“Picking up pieces of where I left off, something stirs inside me to start again. I’ve watched from shadows long enough…. my muscles are conditioned for the climb.”

Firelight Choir

Carry Me

This is version recorded with the NW Firelight Chorale. Filled with sonic goodness, listen for the resilience and fortitude in the collective voice!

Forging Stories

Written with fire and metal in mind, this song is about alchemy. Creating something from substance. The outcome depends on the skill, effort and attention that goes into the creation.