The Climb

This is one of the first songs I ever wrote. In my mid 20s I cleaned houses to pay the rent. I had a couple favorites because of the view. Looking over Lake Union through three amazing windows spanning at least 30’. I would turn on an album and get the dusting and vacuuming. REM Out of Time was one of my favorites.

One day when I was peering at that amazing view of the lake with the mountains in the distance. I was inspired. I was conditioning myself to become the best I could be. The idea of the journey of life was so grounded at that moment. It is a constant struggle, and the best defense is to condition myself for the climb.

The words and music rushed to me when I got home. Over the decades the core of the song remains, as the expression evolves with the band. There are other versions of the song, and this is my favorite.

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