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The Harper Conspiracy takes you on a musical journey filled with unique harmonies, whimsical lyrics and mischievous instrumental outbursts. Find us on Bandcamp as well as all your favorite music streaming services like Spotify, iTunes and Google Play.

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The Harper Conspiracy plays danceable rock with hidden indie influences. Songs include unique harmonies, clever lyrics, soaring sounds and tasty guitar solos. Their goal is to make the journey a little more interesting and fun for Curious Mortal Minds.

The Conspiracy

It was three years ago when Seattle-based singer-songwriter, Harper, found her creative home with a handful of musicians and formed a powerful, familial band. Ever since, she has sought to share that sense of welcoming sonic space with Emerald City audiences whenever she and her musical comrades, The Harper Conspiracy, plug in to play their signature brand of indie rock.

With a captivating four-song EP already to their credit, The Harper Conspiracy have honed their lively sound. The vocal play between the two female fronted four piece engages the audience as they create a sound unique in the Seattle music scene. In March this year, the band participated in the beloved Earwig Sessions Volume I at the namesake studios, and released two new videos. And in 2019, the group will host and perform at the Stone Way MC Stage at the Fremont Solstice Parade for the fourth year in a row.

Their sound rocks with full-though-delicate vocals, buttery harmonies, playful guitars and exquisite rhythms, the group shines. The Harper Conspiracy will soon release their debut full-length album which is due out in summer and will offer yet another reason to celebrate the Northwest in the golden sunshine with your loved ones.

Curious Musical Minds is a testament to the talents of The Harper Conspiracy. …an interesting band with talent; they work well together to make something which is harmonious and nice to listen to. This band is something extraordinary and music which should definitely be heard.”  –

Meet the band members

Susan Harper

Susan Harper


Harper has been playing Seattle's music scene since the mid 90s when she formed her first band. Playing shows throughout the Puget Sound such as Peace Concerts and old school venues lead her to establish the "Conspiracy." She thrives with her musical family. Together, the band lifts the songs into music she hopes will nourish souls and curious seekers. She invites you on a journey!
Grant Boling

Grant Boling


Grant has been a musician and recording engineer for 25 years, but has been a geeky weirdo for much longer. Currently producing the upcoming album from The Harper Conspiracy, he can also be found flying a drone or singing baritone with the Northwest Firelight Chorale.
Todd Morehouse

Todd Morehouse


Brendan Hardy

Brendan Hardy


Brendan has been drumming in the Seattle music scene for a long time. His current gig with the Harper Conspiracy allows him to stretch his creativity and contribute to a new sound that is sure to delight audiences everywhere. Turn it on, turn it up, play it loud.


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Big Stir Concert Series

Big Stir Concert

We were so excited to play a virtual show with Big Stir artists, Jim Basnight, Joe Normal, Ian Bamberger and Dolph Chaney, for their premiere concert series. Brendan joined me on Cajon.

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