Oh how I love a Rock Ballad. Arrow is my ode to this genre. Just like a good ballad, this song went on an epic adventure. First penned decades ago. The band brushed off the cobwebs and re-worked it for the album. We forged it into a ¾ time rock ballad and added harmonies and texture.

Have you experienced an arrow through your heart? For me, it’s a piercing so deep and precise that magic happens – love that is hard to articulate. It’s a channel to feeling lifted, alive and in tune with creation. And there are challenges along the way that can be super painful. Is this primal energy worth it? Yes, I believe it is and hope to convey that through the music.

Think of your true loves – what sparks joy and ignites passion in you? It could be complicated and piercing, as well as bring epic adventures to guide your life’s journey. This song is an ode to deep love that is so worth the leap of faith.

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