I wrote this poem in High School and it won me a scholarship to a Western Washington University Writers Conference. This was a huge accomplishment for me. I grew up in Spokane, Washington, a small city that seemed to crush my dreams. Winning a poetry contest was my first taste of how I could be authentic and accepted. I love to express myself creatively, and was rewarded for doing that!

The poem is about eating something that takes you on a journey, like Alice in Wonderland. This little pill brings you to places beyond the corporal world. At 18, I was keenly aware of quantum physics, even though it wasn’t a thing yet. My mind was capable of taking me somewhere beyond reality, transforming the present moment into a wonderful space. The pill is a powerful metaphor. Use the tools you have to guide you into a space that feels good.

The energy of the music enlivened this poem with a psychedelic and groovy vibe.

Come take a journey with me….. Journey.mp3

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