Super String Cheese Theory

Grant Boling wrote this song. This recording includes members of the NW Firelight Chorale. Their ethereal vocals bring out the mystery and energy of the composition. Check out all the versions and trace the origins of the song and how it became part of the Conspiracy!!!

Members of the NW Firelight Chorale with THC at Earwig Studios.

In Grant’s words: I started writing Super String Cheese Theory using the onboard sequencer on a Yamaha MO6 in October of 2008 for my solo project, Glarbl_Blarbl — a weird hybrid acoustic/electronic thing which only played out twice.

When I joined The Harper Conspiracy in 2017 this song seemed like a good fit for this band, and I’m really proud of the way it’s turned out on this album.

This remix I call “Headspace” and is probably my best work to date, in any medium.

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