Big Stir Concert

We were so excited to play a virtual show with Big Stir artists, Jim Basnight, Joe Normal, Ian Bamberger and Dolph Chaney, for their premiere concert series. Brendan joined me on Cajon.  

This was our first THC show since the Pandemic hit in March 2020. THC was just finishing up our release of 8 songs, on the album Forging Stories. That all was put on hold while we planned how to do this. 

In walks Irene Pena. She connected with Big Stir and is producing a singles release compilation and invited THC to join. We are so excited to release two of the songs from the album on Feb. 12th. The songs are Arrow and The Climb. I tell you this because it links back to the virtual show, and those two songs are included in the set, just as an acoustic presentation. 

We spent hours sorting out the sound. I started with the Danelectro guitar and ended up on my Martin acoustic guitar. Doing sound well for a virtual concert is the new learning curve. It took us hours with many chords and connections, and we did it. This is our first, and we are going to keep at it.  

I hope you enjoy the energy and feeling conveyed in our first foray into the world of virtual, live music. 

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