“PanDammit” and Forging Stories

In 2019 The Harper Conspiracy, lovingly referred to as THC, was happily practicing at the Harper pad, playing shows and recording. We even did a video of our performance at the Fremont Solstice Parade MC Stage. Life was glorious and we were hugging, dancing, and comingling without giving it a second thought.

By the end of 2019, we completed the video and album and were ready to launch into action. Spreading our musical conspiracy to lift people up! Little did we know what was at our door.

We threw a party to release our video Waves of Sweet Delight in early March. Unfortunately we scheduled it smack dab in the middle of the first announcement of the Pandemic. Or “PanDamit” as I like to call it. About 10 or so stalwart fans joined the party with trepidation due to announcements of stay at home orders. Little did we know it would be the last in person gathering for more than a year!

Compelled to keep going, I wasn’t quite sure of the next steps. This was totally new territory and I love an adventure, so onward was the only option. Sadly, our bass player needed to leave the band. That put another twist into the plot. How do I release the album virtually and without a bass player? The magic of music inspired me not to give up.

The Harper Conspiracy
The Harper Conspiracy with new Bass Player, Todd Morehouse

Here we are now, June 2021. We attracted a new bass player. Our first virtual gig on Facebook was a complete success and we got 8k hits! Finally, we released two songs on Big Stir Single Series and joined a new musical family. We never lost hope. Music centers our lives. As we connect to our inner creativity we want to share that with you.


Over the next eight weeks I will be sharing a brief story about each song. It is my wish that the journey touches your life in some way – inspires, encourages, and brings energy to you.

Stayed tuned curious musical minds!

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